According to a May 17 Reuters report, a mother of five was recently sentenced to three years and 10 months in jail for driving her 17-year-old son to a jewelry store that he and two accomplices intended to rob.

"I knew he wanted to rob the shop, and I was very worried about him," she rationalized.

Too bad mom wasn't worried about the jeweler who was stabbed by the assailants as she sat in the car.

Because of misguided souls like these, jewelry retailers and manufacturers need to bone up on the best way to protect their business and their lives. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. offers invaluable security and safety information, from how to prevent loss when you're open, to remodeling your store with optimal security. And this information isn't restricted, so you don't need to have a policy with the company to access it. In addition, examines jewelry-theft techniques, including distraction, smash-and-grab and gate-cutting.

It's also recommended that you keep tabs on crimes committed against jewelry retailers in your area. This information can be found at the Jewelers' Security Alliance Web site and, in some cases, your local police department's Web site.

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