By Brecken Branstrator
I have mixed feelings about so many months having multiple birthstones. I get why some were added throughout the years--to increase awareness or offer consumers more options--but to a degree it seems like it could just make things more confusing.

But, I love that October is lucky enough to have both opal and tourmaline. It’s sort of perfect that a month gets to have one gemstone that shows such a range of colors within it that throughout history it has been considered the luckiest and most magical of all, and another that comes in so many different colors, it covers almost the entire spectrum.

Both also seem to be doing extremely well in the colored stone market right now, as black and boulder opals especially trend upward and tourmaline pops up in more and more designs. Paraiba also continues to sit among a few others stones at the top of the gem hierarchy, and that doesn’t seem likely to change.

These are two stones that seem to be almost universally loved; here are 14 jewels to showcase their beauty.

20161003 Meira-T
This is Meira T’s Australian opal and diamond ring made in 14-karat yellow gold ($575).

20161003 Elisa-Solomon
Elisa Solomon’s 18-karat yellow gold disk stud earrings with opal cabochons, pearls and white diamond melee ($930)

20161003 Maya-Brenner
Maya Brenner’s triplet studs with opals and 14-karat yellow gold ($960)

20161003 Suzanne-Kalan
These baguette studs are part of the Kalan by Suzanne Kalan collection created by the designer’s daughter, Patile. They feature opal center stones with a white diamond bezel set in 14-karat rose gold ($1,452).

20161003 Borgioni
Borgioni’s 18-karat white gold, opal slice and diamond drop earrings ($7,370)

20161003 Yoko-London
Yoko London’s earrings feature opals, 13 to 14 mm South Sea pearls and diamonds in 18-karat white and black gold (price available upon request).

20161003 Lydia-Courteille
Lydia Courteille’s 18-karat gold earrings with opals and diamonds (price available upon request)
20161003 Margoni
Margoni 18-karat yellow gold studs with pink tourmaline ($750)

20161003 Daria-de-Konig
Daria de Koning’s “Delicate Czarina” ring with pink tourmaline set in 18-karat yellow gold ($900)

20161003 M-Spalten
M. Spalten Jewelry’s double tourmaline “Brick” necklace in 18-karat rose gold ($2,872)

20161003 Kataoka-Jewelry
The “Madame la Marquise” Paraiba tourmaline and diamond ring from Kataoka Jewelry ($6,980)

20161003 Stefere-Jewelry
Stefere’s 18-karat white gold “Hibiscus” ring features a green tourmaline at center, accented with green garnets and diamonds ($9,900).

20161003 Bavna
This is Bavna’s 18-karat rose gold bangle with rose-cut champagne diamonds, polki-cut diamonds and rubellite tourmaline ($18,000).

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