By Brecken Branstrator
Citrine, one of two birthstones for November, is the top-selling yellow-to-orange gemstone because of its durability and affordability, according to the GIA. Here is the stone set in a pair of earrings from Dana Rebecca Designs.
I love that citrine and topaz are linked together as the birthstones of November, since the former used to be confused with certain shades of the latter.

And though some might think that citrine is a dime a dozen, it’s actually quite rare in nature, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Citrine is the top-selling yellow-to-orange gemstone because of its durability and affordability. It’s also thought to promote creativity and awareness and bring energy and personal clarity to the wearer.

Topaz, meanwhile, comes in a variety of colors, from the popular blues to the rare and stunning orangeish-reds.

And while I think people are split about which topaz stones actually are the birthstones for November--some just say topaz in general and some say it’s imperial for this month while blue is reserved for December, etc., depending on what list they go by--I’m going to leave it open-ended at just “topaz,” to highlight more shades and types of the stone.

Topaz is thought to bring prosperity to the wearer, as well as dispel sadness, anger and nocturnal fears.

I like the placement of both of these gemstones as birthstones right before the winter starts; it’s like the gem world is providing a burst of happiness and pop of color to help get through the cold.

Both also are wonderfully-priced stones and can provide affordable options for consumers looking for these colors but with different ideas of pricing.

Here are 12 jewels to celebrate the month of November.

20161101 Lux-of-London
This necklace from Lux of London features the Sakura’s blue topaz fan pendant in sterling silver (£130, or approximately $159). The multifunctional fan piece also can be transitioned to a ring or bangle.

20161101 Anzie
Anzie’s “Dew Drop Etoile” pendant in blue topaz, sapphire and black rhodium-plated sterling silver ($325)

20161101 Mociun
Mociun’s “Ara” cluster earrings feature two bezel-set, oval-cut imperial topaz (0.62 carats total), two bezel-set, round-cut diamonds weighing 0.12 carats total and two prong-set, round-cut champagne diamonds (0.08 carats total) in 14-karat yellow gold ($1,760).

20161101 Dilamani
These large dangle drop earrings from Dilamani’s Rock Candy collection feature 11.58 carats of blue topaz with 0.41 carats of diamond accents set in 14-karat white gold ($2,550).

20161101 Amy-Glaswand
Amy Glaswand’s “Ceres Block” earrings with blue topaz baguettes set in 18-karat gold ($3,970)

20161101 Paolo-Costagli
This bracelet from Paolo Costagli features 101.7 carats of smoky topaz and 1.61 carats of diamond accents in 18-karat rose gold ($30,000).

20161101 MJM
Melissa Joy Manning’s faceted citrine drop hug chain earrings in 14-karat gold ($210)

20161101 Dana-Rebecca-Designs
Dana Rebecca Designs’ “Anna Beth” citrine and diamond studs, made in 14-karat yellow gold ($1,760)

20161101 LX-Antwerp
This combination of four rings from LX Antwerp is called “Athena 5.” The citrine pictured is actually set on the two outer gold bands (another ring is slid in between them) and is specially cut to have a flat table top and facets at the bottom to give it a reflection. The other two rings on the outside also feature princess-cut, channel-set citrine. The total weight of all four rings is 2.55 carats ($2,970).

20161101 Graziela-Gems
Graziela Gems’ “Radiance” ring features 13.70 carats of citrine and 0.80 carats of white sapphires in 14-karat yellow gold ($4,700).

20161101 Alexandra-Mor
This personalized birthstone charm necklace from Alexandra Mor features platinum initials to accompany each charm and a citrine stone at center. The necklace is set in platinum with an 18-karat yellow gold Alexandra Mor logo gallery on the reverse side ($6,000).

20161101 Sylva-And-Cie
This is Sylva & Cie’s ring with a 9.10-carat oval citrine at center surrounded by 0.80 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds in 14-karat rose gold ($9,500).

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