By Michelle Graff

While the diamond industry may be letting out a tentative sigh of relief over Leonardo DiCaprio's recently proclaimed stance on diamonds, things are looking less rosy for the woman who finds herself dating the actor. He's on the record saying that the only woman he'll buy diamonds for is his mom. Isn't that sweet?

Even sweeter (or at least less bitter) for jewelry retailers is that the Blood Diamond actor has said he's OK with diamonds, provided they're certified conflict-free:

"What I learned from my conversations about diamonds with Global Witness and Amnesty International is that you have to go into the stores where you buy these diamonds and ask for authentication that [the diamond] isn't a conflict diamond."

One woman who is probably disappointed to hear DiCaprio's more diamond-friendly remarks is Los Angeles Times reporter/blogger Elizabeth Snead. Personally, I think she's overstating the red-carpet repercussions of Blood Diamond. She had this to say in the comments section of her Nov. 23 post on the topic:

"Show me another film that will have a bigger impact on the usually bling-blanketed red carpets this awards season and I'll be happy to write about it. But right now, it appears that Blood Diamond will have the strongest effect on what accessories women will or won't wear to the Oscars and the Golden Globes."

My take is that the movie won't necessarily change what jewels celebs wear, but as DiCaprio's comments suggest, it may change how they talk them up on that decadent stroll past paparazzi and red-carpet gossips. When asked about their diamonds, they may feel obligated to say they're conflict-free.

With that in mind, jewelers better be ready to provide that reassurance.

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