Another reminder this morning why it's important to show those you love that you love them. I was on a crammed subway when two men, late 50s, I'm guessing, got on next to me. They appeared to have  known each other for years. But it seemed this was the first time they had seen each other since one had very recently lost his daughter.

This guy looked like the guy who would play a dad in a television commercial--strong, tall, reliable, committed to his job and family. But he was just broken. His grief washed over me in waves. It was horrid.

This is the awful downside of love. The best thing I could take from it was how important it is to make the most of our relationships at all times, which explains why, as we grow older, it becomes so much more enjoyable to give gifts than to receive them.

Jewelry is the gift of love. How wonderful it is that we are in a business of helping people count and mark their blessings. As customers come in this holiday, try to remember to help them grasp the full meaning and joy of the gift of jewelry.


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