What will they think of next?

Shirt-manufacturing firm Bogosse has created a shirt designed specifically for watch enthusiasts, with a swatch of fabric cut out at the cuff to to show off a timepiece.

The idea has a certain creativity, and I applaud any efforts that promote men's jewelry. But I just don't see these shirts selling. All the serious watch collectors I know enjoy the subtle sophistication exuded while wearing a quality watch. Letting a Patek or a Rolex quietly peek out from under a cuff allows the wearer to express his good taste without screaming for attention. Wearing a shirt specifically designed to show off a watch, to me, negates the sophistication factor.

Perhaps the watch shirts would appeal to those more interested in over-the-top, bling-inspired, look-at-me watches. But even then, I think the "watch shirts" end up detracting from the message of timepiece.

Call me traditional, but I think cuff links are the only jewelry that should be incorporated into shirt design. But, hey, maybe I'm all wrong and these watch shirts are the next big thing. Just don't ask me to wear one.

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