By Ashley Davis
These Bleecker and Prince chunky carnelian rings set with white diamonds, black diamonds and rubies can be had for just under $1,000, the self-purchasing and gifting sweet spot.
I’m a millennial female who buys jewelry for herself and, as research indicates, I find it a lot easier to hand over my credit card when the bill stays below four figures.

The same goes for gifting—under-$1,000 jewels are stores’ and brands’ bread-and-butter for presents, as it can be difficult to invest more when consumers are just hoping their friend/parent/significant other will really love their new pieces, not want to return them.

You don’t have to go costume or silver, however, to provide a lot of options at this pricing sweet spot.

Below, I’m sharing plethora of choices that are perfect entry-level purchases, the ideal gateway drugs, if you will, into the world of fine jewelry.

From 18-karat gold bracelets selling for only $200 (!!) to bolder jewels that hit just below $1,000, all are crowd-pleasers for different budgets.

Keep them near the register and make sure your store associates pile on a few, both in-store and for product images online, as it’s the easiest way to picture the styles on oneself while perusing.

Stock these jewels for the selling season and beyond. Happy holidays.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerGigi Clozeau 18-karat rose gold bracelet with blue resin beads ($200)

Stocked at tastemakers like Love Adorned and Broken English, Gigi Clozeau makes delicate gold and resin bead jewelry in a rainbow of colors. Her bracelets and necklaces beg to be stacked; Clozeau also makes sweet charms that can be added to any of the styles, so the collection is ultra-buildable.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerAriel Gordon “Stickpin” stud earrings in 14-karat yellow gold with pearls ($295)

From perfect hoops in a variety of sizes to stud earrings, stacking rings to layering necklaces, Ariel Gordon Jewelry is a go-to label for the self-purchaser who wants to invest in classic pieces to wear for a lifetime. With so many options to choose from, I recommend stocking these sweet pearl earrings for their unbeatable price. They’re also available in turquoise.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerZoe Chicco 14-karat yellow gold and diamond pendant necklace ($595)

The first piece of fine jewelry I bought for myself was a simple pendant necklace, but not nearly as nice as this Zoe Chicco marquise-cut diamond style. Chicco has a plethora of under-$1,000 baubles, and this necklace is an ideal layering style for the maximalist, but also impactful on its own for the more minimalist among us.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerEF Collection 14-karat rose gold and diamond bolo bracelet ($595)

A specialist in everyday jewels, it’s hard to think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy EF Collection’s simple single diamond bracelet. The fun bolo style injects a punch of personality into a classic style, plus allows the wearer to put it on themselves without any assistance, a major bonus.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerLiven Co. 14-karat gold band with round diamond in square setting ($698)

A cigar band under $1,000? With a diamond? It’s possible with this slimmed down petite version from Liven Co. It’s still a great stacking ring but provides a little more heft than is typical, and has an on-trend unisex feel. We also like it as a wedding band.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerJacquie Aiche 14-karat gold and diamond finger bracelet ($715)

Did you know you could join the #JATribe for under $1,000? Buying Jacquie Aiche is buying into an aspirational, free-spirited but always luxurious lifestyle. A hand chain is a total brand staple. Your customer will buy this now, and a more expensive body chain five (if she’s in finance) or 10 (if she’s a writer) years down the road.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerSelin Kent 14-karat gold chain link necklace ($750)

A gold chain is a fine jewelry staple that’s experiencing even more popularity than usual, but it’s not easy to obtain as sleek and elegant a style as Selin Kent’s version at a wallet-friendly price. I’d recommend this timeless piece for gifting.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerFoundrae 18-karat gold earring with 18-karat gold, enamel and diamond disk ($790 total)

boasts the heft and timelessness of the best vintage fine jewelry with a cool, modern sensibility. The brand’s cult following is willing to shell out for their beloved medallions and exquisite chains, but a few smaller pieces, like this ultra-flattering earring with removable disk, can be had for under our price limit.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerKatKim “Crescendo Flare” earring in 18-karat yellow gold with diamond ($790)

An edgy conversation starter for the unorthodox jewelry lover, this KatKim earring wraps around the lobe. The designer has made unusual and impactful single ear styles her signature. Consider this priced-to-sell version your entry point.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerMarla Aaron seed pearl strand with 14-karat yellow gold baby lock ($815)

A classic pearl necklace was once a wardrobe staple and it still can be with the right design treatment. Enter Marla Aaron. The designer’s signature locks and chains can be had for under $1,000 and not just in sterling silver. This 14-karat rose gold lock with seed pearl necklace delivers a lot of look at the right price point, and Aaron has a plethora of other locks and charms to add down the self-purchasing road.


20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerAnita Ko 18-karat white gold ear cuff ($950)

Anita Ko
is arguably one of the most popular names in independent jewelry design today. People love diamonds and Ko does diamond statement pieces well. It’s possible to add her high-quality pieces to one’s jewelry box, even on a budget. This impactful ear cuff sells for $950, and her signature diamond and gold safety pin single earring will cost you even less than that, so a self-purchaser can walk away with some diamonds too.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerEva Fehren 18-karat rose gold hoops ($975)

Quality, quality, quality. That’s what you get with these precisely configured, knife-edge, beveled huggie hoops from Eva Fehren. They’re a basic style with a not-at-all basic attention to design detail. There are few jewelry items as wearable as a small hoop earring and these are a pair to keep for a lifetime, plus they’re appealing to every age demographic.

20191121 Under1K 13bleeckerBleecker and Prince “Enchanted Donut” ring in carnelian with 18-karat gold-set diamond, ruby and black diamonds ($990)

This cool take on a gemmy cocktail ring from Bleecker & Prince packs a lot of punch for less than $1,000. It’s available in a variety of gemstones to suit every taste, and every piece is one-of-a-kind due to each stone’s various inclusions and patterns. A statement piece at a non-statement price.  


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