By Hannah Connorton
Being part of the fine jewelry industry, especially as an editor, has some major perks, and right near the top of the list is being invited to more events than one possibly could attend.

Of those I did attend in 2015, some knocked it out of the park. With innovative venues and enthralling entertainment setting just the right ambiance, these four events below were, in my opinion, the year’s most noteworthy.

Event #1: Tourneau’s Chinese New Year Celebration
Back in early March, Tourneau invited me to its annual Chinese New Year Celebration, honoring the Year of the Sheep.

Held at the company’s Madison Avenue location, the night offered excitement from every angle: Tourneau staff were on-hand to discuss and show attendees the incredible timepieces prominently displayed under glass cases around the room; interesting cocktails by Moët Hennessy were passed around the room; and a “Lion Dance” ceremony took place, with musicians and dancing.

The night felt cultural and unique, and kept us at the party for quite some time.

The mood in the room was lively and excited as the Lion Dance ceremony took place.

122215_Tourneau-Lion-2 122215_Tourneau-Music-2
A closer look at the makings of the Lion Dance

122215_Tourneau-Watches-2 122215_Tourneau-Hennessy-2
Watches and cocktails; does a better combination exist?

Event #2: The Knot does Las Vegas
As we all know, market week in Las Vegas every year abounds with opulent events and parties, oftentimes too many to attend in one night. While I have yet to attend a Vegas party that didn’t wow me, The Knot’s jewelry party at Hyde at Bellagio was one I won’t soon be forgetting.

Everything was in place to make the night a blast for all in attendance: a fantastic setting, a photo booth with props, semi-nude and airbrushed models, live music and cocktails. Between all of that and the great list of invitees, this party had me there until the very end.

Venue-wise, it was one of the most aesthetically pleasing Vegas parties I’ve ever attended.
(Photos for this event by Orange Soda Photo)

122215_Knot-Model-Man 122215_Knot-Model-Girl
No one was lying about it being hard to pry their eyes off the gorgeous, half-naked airbrushed models, who later danced about the room.
Photo by Orange Soda Photo

Venus Rising, rockin’ out
Photo by Orange Soda Photo

Me with Jewelers of America’s Lauren Kalma; you can’t do Vegas without a feather boa.

Event #3: Aboard the Intrepid with Graham watches
What can I say; the watch companies know how to throw a party. In September, London-based watch company Graham introduced a new, limited edition timepiece aboard the USS Intrepid, a retired U.S. aircraft carrier that since has become a museum.

While the event itself took place inside the ship, one of the coolest elements of the night was having the opportunity to not only walk along the top deck of the carrier, which houses multiple war and fighter jets from times past, but head into the Space Shuttle Pavilion atop the deck, where the space shuttle Enterprise is parked.

Graham knocked it out of the park with this event; not only did we get to learn about the brand and its new timepiece, but got to check out one of New York’s many historical and interesting exhibitions.

122215_Graham-Intrepid-1 122215_Graham-Intrepid-2
The Intrepid sits on the Hudson River at West 46th Street on the West side of Manhattan.

122215_Graham-Pose 122215_Graham-Deck
The fighter jets atop the Intrepid, with yours truly striking a pose in one of the photos

122215_Graham-Enterprise-1 122215_Graham-Enterprise-2
The Enterprise, head-on and from the side

Event #4: Vacheron Constantin’s unveiling of the most complicated watch in the world
This event was grand enough to inspire a new blog series of mine called “In the Details.” From the event’s atmosphere to the orchestrated unveiling of the watch and more, Vacheron Constantin put on a night to remember. The details can be read here, and photos from the event are below.

Is that an enchanting entryway or what?

Vacheron Constantin 260th Anniversary Celebration
Once the room filled with guests, the lights were dimmed and these gentlemen pulled out a variety of instruments to give the most complicated watch in the world a most musical entrance (watch a short clip of it on the National Jeweler Instagram account.)

To all of the brands, companies and organizations that invited National Jeweler to events in 2015, thank you.

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