November 2006

DiCaprio on diamonds

While the diamond industry may be letting out a tentative sigh of relief over Leonardo DiCaprio's recently proclaimed stance on diamonds, things are looking less rosy for the woman who finds herself d... read more..

Nicole Richie dons healing jewelry

Jewelers make a variety of claims about their jewelry to market and sell it. I've personally met designers who say their pieces do everything from warding off evil spirits to increasing one's chances ... read more..

Imelda Marcos enters jewelry arena

As a fashion editor in the jewelry industry, I have seen my share of unexpected "celebrity" jewelry lines—from Paris Hilton to Playboy Bunnies—but this one might take the cake. Flamboyant former First... read more..

Gifts of love

Another reminder this morning why it's important to show those you love that you love them. I was on a crammed subway when two men, late 50s, I'm guessing, got on next to me. They appeared to have kno... read more..


Shame on you if you're reading this column. Pick the ball back up, put that shoulder down, and get back in the store! As Black Friday draws to a close, marked by tired feet, aching lower backs and wan... read more..

Bitter diamond

A diamond may be forever, but love and marriage sure isn’t. With an estimated 50 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, a new Web site, "I Do, Now I Don't" is looking to capitalize on this more c... read more..

Entrepreneurs a ‘paragon’ for the industry

In August, kicked off its second annual search for the best young entrepreneurs in the United States, and after receiving nominations from hundreds of readers for their favorite promi... read more..

B.B.'s Best

My mind has already moved on to next week's turkey dinner, making it a bit hard to concentrate on anything else. Lucky for me, jewelry designers showed a multitude of new offerings this week to distra... read more..

The more things change...

We all know that fashion trends are cyclical, and jewelry fads are no exception. Who hasn't dipped into her mother's or grandmother's jewelry box in recent seasons to pluck a brooch or a strand of pea... read more..

It had to be Liz

When the edit team at National Jeweler was trying to select a style icon for the cover of our 100th anniversary issue we knew that just another pretty face wouldn’t do. There were, it seemed, almost t... read more..

The 'Blood Diamond' song

Rapper Nas gave a shout-out to Blood Diamond and announced he has a song on the soundtrack of the forthcoming Leo DiCaprio film. As reported by Eurweb, he was being interviewed about his upcoming albu... read more..


Welcome to National Jeweler's new site, the National Jeweler Network. We've worked on the project for quite some time, and it's all about giving you more of the information you need, more efficiently.... read more..

B.B.'s Best

What a week! I feel like I spent more time looking at jewelry and watches than writing about them, not that I'm complaining. Retailers may have holidays on the brain, but jewelry designers have alread... read more..

Diamond self-purchase dilemma

A colleague forwarded this amusing Miss Manners item about the proper etiquette when it comes to a diamond ring self-purchase. The advice-seeker, who is in a relationship with no plans for marriage, w... read more..

Let's go Scorsese!

While there's been plenty of chatter about Blood Diamond, and it only seems to be increasing as the Dec. 8 release date looms, I think the diamond industry should keep in mind the success of another f... read more..

B.B.'s Best

I have the best job. I saw a ton of interesting jewelry and watches this week from designers such as the Geneva Watch Co., Alex and Ani, and Temple St. Clair. But these two pieces stood out from the r... read more..

Shirts for watch lovers?

What will they think of next? Shirt-manufacturing firm Bogosse has created a shirt designed specifically for watch enthusiasts, with a swatch of fabric cut out at the cuff to to show off a timepiece. ... read more..

Sparkle and chatter

The big, bright, brash and brilliant among the U.S. diamond trade feted two of their finest Saturday night. The event was truly gala, held at Cipriani's new location on Wall Street, an astonishingly c... read more..
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