March 2007

A gem of an idea

My mom's birthday is around the corner, and I need an extra-special gift—one that'll raise my status from neglectful long-distance daughter to doting daughter who's just a heartbeat away. A friend sug... read more..

Jewelry artist thanks dog she’s alive

By Teresa Novellino I think a certain dog in Maryland is entitled to a trip to the pet spa and a whole lot of dog biscuits. Jewelry artist Debbie Parkhurst says she was eating an apple last Friday whe... read more..

John buys MORE jewels for Jess

Better keep your pop tunes handy, you never know who might walk through the door of your store. John Mayer, 29, was spotted Friday for the third time in as many months, jewelry shopping for himself an... read more..

Jeweler wins big in A.C.

At least one jeweler should probably do more than just buy jewelry at Las Vegas Market Week this year. New York jeweler Danny Yousefzadeh, 40, won first place and almost a half million dollars in a Wo... read more..

B.B.'s Best

Sarah Graham Metalsmithing, (800) 670-0917 Bamboo Hoop Earrings in 18-karat white gold and diamonds. These earrings measure about 3/4-inch in diameter and perfectly illustrate two hot jewelry trends o... read more..

Baubles and billionaires

The jewelry industry loves billionaires. After all, how many regular old millionaires can plunk down $250,000 for a new necklace or a fancy ring? Apparently, the jewelry industry breeds billionaires, ... read more..

B.B.'s Best: The spring edition

It was FREEZING in New York City last week, but the stores are already showing spring and summer clothes, so that's where my fashion focus has wandered. Of course, no spring outfit would be complete w... read more..

Lux dilemma solved

For those who’ve been struggling over the age-old question “What shall I indulge in, diamonds or a flat-screen TV?” A. Link and Philips Electronic now have the perfect answer: An Ambilight Flat TV fea... read more..

B.B.'s Best: The Oscar edition

If I had been strutting the red carpet on Oscar night, here's what I would have worn along with my purple, backless Versace gown. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) Vacheron Constantin The Lady Kala Duch... read more..
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