June 2007

Haute to the touch

A shame-faced man stands in front of a display window at a Fifth Avenue jeweler at 3:00 a.m., picking out a three-carat peace offering from the touch screen monitor. This is just one example of how in... read more..

'Things will be great when you're downtown'

Like a fashion victim on a makeover show, downtown Manhattan's financial district is being revamped and upgraded in a manner that's so chic it's drawing all the beautiful people and the retailers that... read more..

B.B.'s Best

Calgaro "Bora Bora" necklace in sterling silver with pearls and amethyst drops. I'm noticing more and more lariats out there, and I have to say I love the trend. It's easy, versatile and fun. Suggeste... read more..

Retailers' seventh heaven

July 7, 2007 (07/07/07) is believed to be the luckiest, and certainly has become the most popular, wedding date of the century. For some, the power of the lucky number seven is grounded in superstitio... read more..

B.B.'s Best: The Vegas edition

The designers and manufacturers who showed their wares in Las Vegas did not disappoint. Retailers looking for over-the-top designs and fashion-forward pieces definitely had no trouble. But I thought t... read more..

Caribbean dreams

I have been in the jewelry industry long enough to know that the Caribbean represents a hot spot for fine-jewelry sales. But until a family cruise last week, I had no idea how important jewelry sales ... read more..

Diamond deuce

Putting aside the author's hypocrisy—she rants about the sexist symbolism of a diamond engagement ring for this entire article, then discloses that she's "guilty" of owning one—I think this particular... read more..

Hirst makes no bones about it

Not only does the work of Damian Hirst raise eyebrows, but his death- and blood-themed designs tend to raise the philosophical question, "What is art?" In defense of the focal point of his new exhibit... read more..

The next craze: Diamond BFBB charms?

With Paris Hilton back in jail for violating probation, I've identified the perfect diamond-jewelry item for the poor little rich girl and her pals: The "Best Friends Behind Bars" (BFBB for short) cha... read more..

Vegas return

Anyone else out there still struggling to recover from Las Vegas market week? I must admit that despite the long hours and brutal heat, I find the Las Vegas shows among my favorites of the year. Of co... read more..

The price of perks

According to a recent federal court filing mentioned on NWAnews.com, former Wal-Mart executive Julie Roehm testified that Wal-Mart Chief Executive H. Lee Scott purchased a large pink diamond at prefer... read more..
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