Stumped for holiday gift ideas?

A recent survey from the NRF indicated that, as of the second week of December, 41 million people had not yet started their holiday shopping, and 47.1 percent didn’t have it all done. If you are among... read more..

Full House

Thanksgiving weekend and some head's up retailing proved jewelry can still pull them in. Brothers David and Jeffrey Harrison, owners of the Cartersville Jewelry Exchange in Cartersville, Ga., offered ... read more..

E-mail, e-mail on the wall, who's the smartest one of all?

Like yours, probably, my inbox has been swamped by retail holiday e-mails the past few weeks. Most are from my favorite retailers for personal consumption, while others are from companies I like to wa... read more..

Manage your fears

In this business downturn, fear could be running rampant through organizations—yours included. But keep in mind that just because you read about the economic crisis in the newspaper or hear about it o... read more..

No downturn in Dubai?

I’ve been back a few weeks now from my latest trip, this one to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was one of those trips where I was gone less than a week (after flying for 12 hours), but it felt...I’ve... read more..

So far, so good

We were very happy on Monday as we rolled up the first weekend sales report. Taken as a whole, the industry followed general retail to exceed expectations, according to those we interviewed. Talks I'v... read more..

Don't miss our weekend sales reports

It's the Monday before Thanksgiving, and the Christmas tree has shown up in the office lobby. Carols are jingling. I always wonder how many times the security guards can stomach the loop tape without ... read more..

A gallon of gas

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Nor am I a whiz financier. So it's tough for me to fathom how we could go from paying nearly $5 a gallon for gas a month ago to under two bucks now. Our family's...I'... read more..

Credit Crisis

As jewelers head into the holiday selling season, it's the worst possible time to have to deal with a decline in consumer credit. If you've been struggling against tightened credit among your customer... read more..

Shake'em outta their routines

Focus grasshopper. We're a week out from the big Thanksgiving weekend, the official kickoff of the holiday retail saga. But the data and reports all tell us shoppers have begun early this year, bargai... read more..

I want to feel good

OK. It's a bit before 7:00 a.m. on a cold late-November morning in New York City. Winter's here too darn early this year. I live on top of a small mountain in extreme western New Jersey, and we've alr... read more..

DTC relief is welcome

The Diamond Trading Co. (DTC) is stepping back into its old role, somewhat like the pre-morph De Beers. Its newly announced consumer ad campaign, planned at double the spend of last year, will be one ... read more..

Great event at Jersey jeweler

I had fun and got credit for taking my wife out to boot Saturday night thanks to Roman Jewelers, a Flemington, N.J.-based independent that's one of my favorites. Roman is a fantastic pro-active market... read more..

Start looking in the rear view mirror

With the election over (finally), it's time to forecast where our industry is heading. If we're not in a recession now, we will be shortly. What was learned during the recessions of 1980, 1990, 2001, ... read more..

PAC reports puts things in perspective

After spending a great portion of Thursday afternoon reading Partnership Africa Canada's (PAC) report entitled "Diamonds and Human Security Annual Review 2008," I have a new perspective on the perceiv... read more..

Hard times

Anyone who has been running a jewelry company for more than five years has ridden the financial roller coaster—up and down, good times and bad. Many years ago, when I owned a large jewelry manufacture... read more..

Star sighting: Sheryl Crow

Rings have always been a sort of friendship symbol for me, and they've also always been among the most demure jewelry pieces I've possessed. For years, the only ring I sported was a tiny diamond etern... read more..

Salaries in the jewelry industry

My son just graduated from business school with a degree in marketing and consumer behavior and, since he comes from a jewelry family, I kinda coaxed him to continue the family tradition. He has been ... read more..

Take a look at platanium

With most—if not all—jewelry raw materials (gold, silver, gemstones, diamonds, etc.) coming from overseas, it is refreshing indeed to see a U.S. company develop a jewelry brand (platanium) that could,... read more..

Keeping secrets

In covering fashion for National Jeweler, my e-mail inbox tends to be a revolving door of product images. Going through them, the real treat lies in coming across a product that I can't get my mind of... read more..

Russell Brand waves the diamond flag

On display last night at the MTV Video Music Awards: a lucid Britney Spears, svelte Christina Aguilera and lots and lots of diamonds. Despite bling on all ends of the stage, my eyes were on host Russe... read more..

The jeweler and his education

I just got back from my business school class reunion. (My wife says she has no idea how I got through such a good school. Humph!) From time to time, my university publishes studies on the career path... read more..

Selling jewelry on the Internet

Lots of jewelers attended the National Jeweler Network Online Retailing Forum at the JA New York Show a couple of weeks ago, including me. Although I was asked to make a few remarks on one of the pane... read more..

A lesson in Lucite

If you want to learn a thing or two about how Lucite bangles are made, check out The Cut. A throwback to the 1940s, Lucite started making its way back on the accessories scene in 2007. If shelves of s... read more..

Missing Breitling raises eyebrows

A simple turn of the knob on Steve Fossett's Breitling Emergency wristwatch might have saved his life. So why would the experienced 63-year-old adventurer, the first man to complete a non-stop flight ... read more..

JA New York show dispatch

With a pearl jewelry story coming up in October, I've got pearls on the brain, and I've seen some really fabulous ones at the JA New York Summer Show so far. Among my favorite new pieces is this stran... read more..

Eye Jewelry

Please submit my name to the television show Intervention if my addiction to jewelry becomes so severe that I can't resist the urge to dangle gems from my eyeball via contact lenses—which I already we... read more..

Show scene

It's that time of the year again. Yesterday, I hit the JA New York Summer Show, heading to the New York City's West Side for the first of a few days at the Javits. Convention centers aren't the most f... read more..

Warehouse Clubs not recession-proof after all

It seems like just yesterday that the economic resilience of membership clubs such as Costco and BJ' s made business news headlines. But now, as the fourth quarter draws to a close, Costco has sent up... read more..

Italian Vogue

Lightening bolt sales of the July issue of Italian Vogue, which was dedicated to black models, proved that women of color can sell fashion magazines. However, page after page of ads featuring white mo... read more..
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