October is the first of three months in a row with two dedicated birthstones. They are opal, the stone of hope, and tourmaline, the stone of strength.
When it comes to jewelry, art, home décor and the like, I can really appreciate a skull motif. When it’s done right, and especially with interesting materials or play with colors and accents, it can be edgy without being too moody.

Associate Editor Brecken Branstrator highlights eight pieces set with this blue gemstone in the corundum family, a gemstone that’s believed to protect from envy and harm.
Brecken HeadshotUpcycling used objects isn’t exactly new or groundbreaking, but when one company finds a way to do it that not only makes cool jewelry but brings together a few things that I think almost everyone loves--music, fashion, sustainability and giving back--I’m all about it.

Brecken HeadshotOne of my first jobs out of college was for a content marketing company where I was helping to monitor the flow and publishing schedules of text for multiple websites.

Associate Editor Brecken Branstrator highlights six pieces of jewelry set with peridot, the green gemstone that has long been associated with light, healing and happiness and is the birthstone for this month.
I think that the line-up in this year’s New Designer Gallery at the JA New York Summer show was fantastic.

Associate Editor Brecken Branstrator rounds up six pieces of jewelry set with this month’s birthstone, the ruby, which is thought to bring health, wealth and wisdom.
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