Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff highlights her 5 favorite features of the new and improved NationalJeweler.com.
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff shares her thoughts, and others’ memories, of Cindy Edelstein, who was everything to the jewelry industry.
These expressions used to describe the current state of retail are so common they’ve become meaningless, even irritating. But you won’t quit hearing them, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff writes.
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff dishes on the three New Year’s resolutions the National Jeweler team made to improve the website in 2016.
Our Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff shares the three stories she thinks had the greatest impact on the jewelry industry in 2015.
Blue Nile took a swipe a brick-and-mortar retailers with one of the advertisements it’s circulating online this fall. But Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff doesn’t think they should be offended.
Designer Kara Ross has launched Diamonds Unleashed, a new company that aims to change the conversation around who buys diamonds for whom, and why, while emphasizing women’s empowerment.
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff looks at the reasons why people are getting out of, and not getting into, the jewelry industry.
Shinola has become a popular brand by emphasizing a made-in-the-USA, aiding-Detroit ethos. Diamond advertisements should go the same direction, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff writes.
If Sally Morrison, the Diamond Producers Association’s new director of marketing, can create something for diamonds that looks anything like LoveGold, it will benefit the entire industry, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff writes.
Designer Alp Sagnak has created a new collection with a brilliant theme, and then got even smarter by making a video to go with it.
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff tries to understand why diamonds end up the subject of so many “they’re a rip off”-type articles in an age where nobody has a problem constantly creating waste with cheap, throwaway furniture and fast fashion.
In a week of big stories, the outcome of Tiffany v. Costco was certainly the biggest, as a federal court in New York handed down a decision that answered the question: Has the term “Tiffany” become genericized, making it OK for anybody who’s selling a certain style of ring to refer to it as a “Tiffany setting?”

I missed hearing the live broadcast of Signet Jewelers’ second quarter earnings call last week, as I was on vacation visiting my family in Pittsburgh and soaking in some very Western Pennsylvania-esque things: a Pirates game at PNC Park (highly recommended); Fallingwater, the spectacular home Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Kaufmann family in the Laurel Highlands (highly recommended); and my extended family (less highly recommended.)

All week my best friend, who is six months pregnant and pretty much confined to her home due to the 90-degree-plus heat, has been eagerly texting me links to stories that have been published online following The New York Times article on the workplace culture at Amazon.

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