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Italian Jewelry Design Alberto and Silvia Prandoni first dreamed about and then created Italian Design Jewelry in North-West Italy in 2011. Using a hallmark that finds its inspiration in history, nature, design, color and the highest quality materials. These materials are then blended together to give life to unique and memorable pieces. All this coupled with the desire to bring their brand of Italian creativity to the world.

Alberto uses three traditions from the past to create the movement. First is the technique called “entremblant” (from the French) which allows the jeweller to create movement of different elements both inside and outside the pieces. It creates something unique and different to everyone else in the street and was prized by royal families that wanted to be different.

Secondly Italian Design decided to restart the technique of the Gallery inside every piece: this particular attention to detail is the symbol of their passion for the jewellery, the design and their willingness to pursue perfection.

Lastly, Italian Design re-proposes the style and traditions of a past where jewelry was commissioned by customers and customized for that particular individual. Alberto says: “We want to go back to haute jewelry design choosing stones and materials of absolute quality, interpreted with an original design that will adapt to and reflect individual personalities. For this reason we create MOSTLY unique pieces or a limited editions in a number of up to eight pieces.” 

Alberto and Silvia have three main worlds of inspiration: 

  1. Cosmo collections, where all element related to the Universe, the stars, the light and the spirit are studied to bring positive energy to people like in their Lotus or Iris collections.
  2. Naturalia collections, where all elements of nature from the Forest to the Oceans to the Iceland are looked with the eye of a kids to discover the miracle and the magic of Mother nature. For these elements look to their Coralia and Mermaid collections.
  3. Hystorica collections which speaks about their native land, Italy, but also includes both the Latin and Greek culture that reflected in Italian monuments, cathedrals etc. like in the Orvieto ring or in the New Renaissance pieces.

So, the haute jewelry of Italian Design imagines and creates unconventional jewelry made with a precious structure and small twists of events that are occasionally ironic. This jewelry represents episodes, moments, and moods: jewelry as a depiction of the imagination.

One of the most important pieces born under this philosophy is the Princess Coralia Necklace. The idea was to create a special jewel that could represent the Ocean, including all the different and wonderful creatures living hidden in the deep sea.

As Silvia said when she first lied eyes on the final finished product: “When I finally saw the necklace after two years of work, I had the same experience I have in front of a breathtaking maritime landscape or a touching work of art: the colors of the gemstones took our body into the sea, and the perfect blues locked our eyes in a timeless exploration of light and shadow, reflections and transparencies. I was happy.”

Another important collection is “Once Upon a Time.” This collection was created with the aim of bringing magic to people’s lives. The main inspiration was Snow-White, a beautiful girl with hair black as ebony, skin white as snow and lips red as blood. The Swan Ring is iconic, because Snow White was wearing a hat with the shape of a swan during the famous Ballet where she finally conquered the heart of the Prince. The ring can be opened, showing a little girl dancing. Real movement thanks to a small gold spring. …and they lived happily ever after.”

Niresh Rajpersad
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Silvia Prandoni
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