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If you’re struggling to create new experiences that bring shoppers to your business, you’re not alone.

The jewelry industry has had a difficult time adapting to the changing expectations of consumers and their shopping experiences. As digital transactions continue to grow and people increasingly interact with massive online brands, they expect similar types of experiences wherever they shop.

Thankfully, the Holojem™ platform offers a unique solution to this problem that so many jewelers face.

How does the Holojem platform work?
A simple explanation is that it’s an augmented reality platform in a self-contained unit that displays, educates and shares custom designs through its patented rendering system.

To operate the platform, all you need is an internet connection. After purchasing the unit, a monthly subscription package ensures you are well-supported and have everything you need to be successful with the technology.

Who can use the Holojem platform?
Nearly every part of the jewelry industry value chain can put the innovative platform to use. Custom designers and manufacturers can display new pieces to private clients and entire lines to other retailers, while retailers themselves can interact with consumers on the platform.

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Because the Holojem platform was designed as a turnkey solution, it creates opportunities for jewelers to enter new markets, gain additional brand recognition and develop loyalty and trust with their customers.

Imagine installing a kiosk in a mall, airport or where consumers can independently interact with your brand, educate themselves about the 4Cs, and view your inventory. The ability to blend the physical and digital shopping experiences can lead them back to your store or to your website.

When and where is the Holojem platform available?
The Holojem platform will be back at JCK where you can experience it in action. However, if you’re not going to Las Vegas or simply can’t wait to see it, you’re in luck. Everything you need to know in order to call the platform your own can be found at

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