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Last year, jewelers at JCK Las Vegas witnessed a glimpse into the future of retail. The Think Tank competition featured numerous innovative technologies, but one stood out above the rest: the Holojem™ platform.

In the midst of an ever-changing retail landscape where even the largest businesses have found it difficult to compete, the debut of the Holojem platform offered a glimmer of hope to the jewelry industry. After some fine-tuning, the mesmerizing augmented reality display will return to JCK in 2017 — and you’ll even have the opportunity to order it for your business!

NJ BTYB JMI HolojemPlatform 050917

But why should you invest in this technology and not some other area of business development? It’s simple: these three reasons make sense for your bottom line and meet your customer’s shopping preferences.

NJ BTYB JMI Holojem diamond 050917 FINALDrive higher margins
Often times, custom design work is more profitable for jewelers. Go beyond the back-and-forth of a computer screen and become more nimble with a self-service kiosk to share unique creations.

NJ BTYB JMI Holojem pyramid FINALImmersive customer experience

Prior to the Holojem platform, there wasn’t an ideal technique to involve jewelry shoppers in the process holistically. Now consumers can seamlessly transition from physical to digital shopping while experiencing a mesmerizing life-like creation.

NJ BTYB JMI Holojem socialSocial sharing

Not only is lead information captured when a jewelry shopper uses the Holojem platform, but your brand is shared whenever your customers share their creation with their friends on social media. And it’s not just in a picture or plain video. Customers can recreate a similar 3D holographic projection by placing a portable mobile pyramid on top of their device to bring their creation to life and share to their hearts’ content.

Don’t just sit back and watch as the retail landscape changes — change with it. Better yet, stay ahead of the curve by using innovative technology like the Holojem platform and start creating new possibilities today. 


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