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Fire Polish is the first advancement in diamond beauty in the last 100 years. By cutting Nano Prisms (diffraction gratings) on the pavilion of a diamond, Fire Polish is able to increase the dispersion (FIRE) and scintillation (SPARKLE) of any diamond without affecting the diamonds cut or brilliance.

Up until now all of the available branded diamonds feature precision facet placement or the addition of strategically placed facets to increase the brilliance of diamonds; Fire Polish is the first and only cutting technique to substantially increase the fire of a diamond and its ability to sparkle.

NJ BTYB FirePolish NanoPrism

NJ BTYB FirePolish NanoPrism2

What’s To Like:

  • The best part about The Fire Polish diamond brand is that you can see the added SPARKLE and FIRE with just the naked eye. Retail customers say “they can see the difference from across the store without using any awkward tools or viewing devices.” That means everyone can see the Fire Polish difference exactly the same; while in your store or when they take their diamonds home. 
  • In focus groups 8 out of 10 consumers preferred Fire Polish Diamonds to traditionally cut diamonds and they would be willing to pay a premium to have a Fire Polished Diamond.
  • Fire Polish helps close more diamond sales. Consumers have more confidence and are more likely to purchase a diamond when they can visibly see the Fire Polish difference as compared to traditionally cut diamonds.
  • Fire Polish is a cutting technique recognized by the GIA and AGS. The Gemological Institute of America helped develop the Fire Polish cutting technique; its participation is documented in the winter 2010 edition of Gems & Gemology. 
  • It’s easy to get started with Fire Polish Diamonds, We have several programs that reduce your risk and make it fun to sell diamonds again. Stop by our Booth at JCK L137 or contact Robert Goldstein or Glenn Markman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Bottom Line:

NJ BTYB FirePolish Compare 300If you’re looking for a diamond brand that will help separate your store from the competition then Fire Polish Diamonds are the answer.

Developed at a top university (Caltech), Protected by 5 patents, Studied and approved by the top Gemological labs in the world (GIA & AGS) and supported with a complete brand strategy including: Duratrans, Video Loops, Poster Print Ready Art, Consumer Ad campaign, Post Cards, Solar Powered In-Case Displays, Brand Advocate Program

If you are attending JCK Las Vegas then please visit Fire Polish Diamonds(Booth L137) and Play With Fire. 

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