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Here’s one thing that’s not a myth: shipping jewelry is expensive.

For years, jewelers have been seeking the holy grail of a low-cost option with fast delivery that also includes comprehensive insurance coverage. Finding this has proved elusive for many jewelers, but that’s not to say the right solution doesn’t exist.

In a presentation at the Atlanta Jewelry Show, Tina Olm of Jewelers Mutual Group, will uncover the truth behind several myths about shipping jewelry. These are a few simple ones to rethink today:

Myth 1: You need to double-box all your packages with an adult-sized shoe box as the outer package.

Unless you’re shipping a lot merchandise, you’re going to pay sky-high transit rates by using an adult-sized show box every time. “We still recommend double-packaging, but the carrier and service type should influence your decision of whether to use an envelope or box as the outer packaging” said Olm.

As long as other security measures are followed — like avoiding handwritten addresses and jewelry terms on the label — your package will be just as secure and cost less.

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Myth 2: All carrier services are covered under a jewelers block policy.

Many jewelers assume this, but it’s worth checking your policy and carrier’s services first to verify that you have the correct amount of coverage.

“What happens is jewelers think their block policy covers everything no matter what and that’s often not the case. If a loss happens and no coverage was purchased with the carrier or a third-party insurer, they could be out of luck” said Olm.

“It’s also worth remembering that insurance isn’t always cheaper on the block. Both the rate and the risk of losing the experience without a loss can hurt jewelers” added Olm. “Placing some of the risk with logistics providers can be cheaper in the long run and sometimes even up front.”


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Myth 3: It’s cheaper in the long-run to only ship with one carrier.

Don’t let word-of-mouth steer you away from one carrier to another based on price alone.

“Jewelers need to get in the habit of shopping” said Olm. “Using a platform like JM Shipping Solution™ allows users to buy shipping options like the way you can book travel online. Prices change constantly and unless you’re using technology to compare options, you’re likely paying more by shipping the same old way.”

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If you’re going to the Atlanta Jewelry Show’s pre-show conference, you can see Tina’s entire presentation on Friday, August 3, from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. in Room 102. You can also visit booth 708 during the show to learn more about JM Shipping Solution and how it can help you change your shipping habits.

You don’t have to be at the show to start shipping smarter, though. Anyone in the jewelry industry can sign up for free!




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