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The exquisite beauty and rarity of colored diamonds is driving a surge in demand. The customer’s interest in rare blue, pink, green or purple tones is guided by a desire for scarcity, and a passion for the exotic. With the intention of satisfying the demands of such discerning clients, ALROSA is planning to become the world’s largest producer of polished colored diamonds. These exotic stones will be shown to the market in September for the first time ever.

Since the beginning of this year, the ALROSA cutting division has been actively working on a totally new, large colored diamonds collection. The first demonstration to potential customers is scheduled to take place during the Hong Kong Gem & Jewelry Fair. According to ALROSA deputy CEO Yury Okoemov, a perfect 11-carat deep purple polished diamond will become one of the “stars” at the auction, along with other comparable purple, yellow and pink stones, some of which may be even larger.

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Being a customer-oriented company, ALROSA will organize an early viewing, giving clients the opportunity to see the stones in person and make their own assessment.

In addition, ALROSA will present a detailed description of the stones. Each diamond possesses its own unique beauty, described through color, clarity, cut and carat weight. All stones will be GIA certified, which is the grading system diamond professionals developed in the 1950s to describe and classify the stones. Once completed, all of the information will be uploaded to a digital catalogue for clients to view.

The Principles of True Passion

Last year the ALROSA stones captured headlines when a pink 28-carat and yellow 34-carat stone were mined. In addition, last year the Russian company presented the first collection of large stones--“The Dynasty.” And that’s just the beginning.

“We intend to satisfy the demand of the market and become one of the largest producers of colored rough diamonds, especially bearing in mind that Argyle will shut down production in 2020. We expect our colored rough production to be more than 7,000 carats per year,” says Okoemov.

From 2018, ALROSA is sorting its diamonds into 19 color groups. The color range of the stones is wide enough to satisfy even the most uncompromising clients: from “classic” yellows to rare pinks, and even purple stones. Most of them will be sold to clients after being polished by the ALROSA cutting subdivision. “‘DIAMONDS ALROSA’ have cut colored stones many times before, but this is the first time we have gone public about it. We have a strong cutting division with rich traditions, and unique masters of their profession, who still remember what a real Russian Cut is,” says Okoemov.

The Market Is Going Through the Roof

Nature endows distinct, rare coloring to about one in every 10,000 rough diamonds of gem quality that are mined around the world. The rarity of colored diamonds has resulted in price increases over the past 3 years, even as the price of colorless diamonds has fallen.

The highest bids over the last year have gone to large fancy colored diamonds--mostly pink and blue. At an auction in Hong Kong in April 2017, the Pink Star diamond set a world price record of $71.2 million for a gemstone.

Direct From Mine to Market

This autumn, ALROSA is preparing to present a large collection of colored polished diamonds at auction and start integration into the colored diamond market, which is quite small. Okoemov says, “We are coming out with a unique offer for jewelers and retailers to buy stones directly and save on third-party costs. We are also providing our clients with marketing capacity. Direct buyers will receive help with branding, positioning, creative concepts and ‘mine to market’ stories. We believe this to be our undeniable competitive advantage, which will allow us to be dominant among the few dozen companies currently operating in this market.”

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Russia’s ALROSA diamonds have a good reputation for complying with ethical and environmental standards, and for quality of cutting and polishing. While at the same time as promoting their jewels’ Russian origins, ALROSA is also working on the development of a tracing system to meet the needs of both consumers and retailers. There is a trend towards developing consumers’ interests not only in prices and quality of jewelry, but also in the stone’s story. ALROSA stones come straight from the producer, ensuring “transparent origin” in an industry that has been working hard to prevent stones that have been mined in areas that could fuel conflict from reaching the market. Thus, customers are given the ultimate guarantee of quality and origin.
Being one of the world's leading diamond mining companies, ALROSA commits to being “best-in-class” for ethical and sustainable operations as well as transparent business practices, and now in the colored diamonds market as well.

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