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Have you taken stock of how secure your store is from inventory shrinkage due to theft and unauthorized access to your retail space?

The stakes might be higher than you realize...

“The jewelry industry loses more than $100 million dollars each year [to theft]—and, because the crimes are often committed with weapons, sometimes they result in serious physical injury or death.”

However sobering that statistic, there is a bright side. The physical security industry continues to evolve and develop new solutions that can greatly improve the security of your business.

In past market research, Brivo found that the majority of respondents are overconfident in the security of their businesses. This overconfidence is spurred by a lack of understanding of the vulnerabilities in many security solutions.

As a small business owner, you need to know that your business is safe. Safe from unauthorized access to your store and theft.

Let’s break down the vulnerabilities of some of the most popular access control solutions that small businesses use:


The Vulnerabilities

Security Solution: Lock & Key

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Security Solution: On-Premise Access Control

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So What?

How could these vulnerabilities cost you?

The Cost

Risk Cost
Lost or Stolen Keys: Rekeying $100 (minimum fee) + $25 per door. Happens up to 5 times per year after incidents like these occur:
  • A break-in or theft.
  • Theft of keys to the building.
  • An employee loses a key.
  • An employee quits without returning assigned keys.
  • Terminating a key-holding employee.
Inventory Loss
  • Internal theft is a $60 billion a year problem in the United States.
  • External theft results in $100 million dollars lost each year in the jewelry industry. Because the crimes are often committed with weapons, there is the risk of serious physical injury or death.

If your business doesn’t have video surveillance or access control, there is no way to adequately monitor employees, visitors or valuable assets.

What Now?

Cumbersome or incomplete security solutions are not the answer for small businesses. There are automated, simple and secure options available - and you might be surprised to learn there are affordable solutions for small businesses.

The Security Solution of Tomorrow…Today

When you think of physical security, what pops into your mind?

Images of giant key rings with an infinite amount of dangling keys or a security guard monitoring 10 TV screens watching every entrance and hallway might come to mind.

The good news is… that’s old news.

Here is what the security of the future looks like: 

A Unified Security Platform

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A unified security platform allows you to:
You can now go beyond traditional security.

Improve the security of your business with a scalable, unified platform that simply combines access control, video surveillance, mobile access and management, and visitor management.

You have a business to run. You always have too much on your plate. Don’t let the security of your business weigh heavy on your mind.

This is your business, your livelihood, your dream. Keep it safe

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