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Even the most organized jewelers with polished shipping procedures can become distracted during the holidays.

Shortcuts are taken. Steps are skipped. People make mistakes.

Since it can happen to anyone, it’s important to remember that a bit of planning can significantly reduce the chances of a future mishap. Following some simple advice will help you avoid four potential shipping mistakes over the holidays:

Not having enough supplies on hand


Double-packaging your shipments is essential. This method is a great technique to prevent losses and may even be required by your insurance policy.

Don’t opt to send jewelry in a single box or envelope, as this can easily be tampered with or damaged in a sorting machine.

In addition to ordering boxes and envelopes, also check to make sure your scale and label maker are functioning properly.


Not having enough insurance


Review your insurance policy so you know when you need to increase your coverage limits or purchase insurance from a third-party.

Insurance can be incredibly easy if you have a jewelers block policy with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group and use the JM Shipping Solution™ platform. Your policy will sync with the platform and you can easily buy additional insurance at exclusive rates when you need to.

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Waiting until the last minute to ship

Sometimes it is unavoidable, but you’re more likely to make mistakes when you have less time to prepare.

If you’re supplying retailers with products, now is the time to start contacting them.

You can use JM Shipping Solution to prepare and queue your labels in advance, allowing you to quickly print them before the courier arrives for pick-up.


Not tracking your shipments

It can be hard to keep everything straight with an increase in holiday shipping volume.

Instead of using spreadsheets or sticky notes (or nothing at all), JM Shipping Solution also has a feature that lets users track their shipments from a single dashboard, regardless of which carrier you ship with. This is especially valuable if you need to file a claim because something appears to be lost.

Make shipping easier

Over 1,000 jewelers have used JM Shipping Solution to save time and money on the tens of thousands of packages they’ve shipped this year.

Join them for the holidays and get started today!


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