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The expectation of exceptional service is immense for luxury retailers, especially jewelers.

It’s the experience that will get people talking about you and coming back. What will be said about your business if customers feel like your heart wasn’t in helping them find and take care of the perfect piece?

An easy way to show you stand behind your products and care about the protection of your customers purchase is by mentioning the option of personal jewelry insurance*. Enrolling in one of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group’s jeweler programs can make this easy, help you grow your business and enhance your customer relationships.

Also tell them about services they may not be familiar with, such as how to care for their jewelry. For example, including a complimentary Pearls of Wisdom brochure will educate them on how to keep their prized possessions looking like new for years to come.

Plus, if your customers ever need to repair or replace an item and they are covered by Jewelers Mutual, they’re able to choose who services their piece — which is almost always you, their preferred jeweler.

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In an age where everyone can comment, like and share online, your brand is defined by the experience you offer. Make sure you’re exceeding the highest of expectations by showing you care long after your customers make a purchase.

*Jewelers are not licensed agents and cannot sell or offer advice about insurance. Canada: Personal jewelry insurance is not available in Québec.
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