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Have you ever thought where the diamond in your jewelry was mined? Statistics show that this information is very popular among modern consumers. GfK market research agency interviewed 4,000 people in China and the US. According to figures from that research, 71% of respondents in China and 63% of respondents in the US turned out to be interested in diamond’s origin.

The provenance of a diamond is not only a guarantee or confidence, but is also an important positive emotion. If you had the ability to get a jewelry piece with a beautiful story, would you refuse to have it? We are sure you would not.

Modern consumers also want to know if their diamond is responsible and eco-friendly. This is one of the most relevant and important topics today, ranking No. 3 in China and No. 2 in the US. Among other essential factors, there is information of age and appearance of rough diamond, the place and time when it was mined and where and how it was cut.

Provenance is also important for industry participants. First, it secures their reputation which is vital for our market, and second, gives them an additional competitive advantage and differencing factor. With its own cutting and polishing division, ALROSA sells polished diamonds directly to consumer without third parties and their fees. Closed in-house process gives a 100% guarantee of diamond origin for those who buy diamonds directly.

So, how are you getting all the information about your diamond? There are several ways to do this, such as through the digital passport and customized shareable materials. Digital passport contains all the characteristics of a diamond and the history of its mining and polishing. The buyer gets an opportunity to see the entire diamond’s journey. To make this experience stronger and more interactive, customizable movie about every concrete diamond is made.

This September, ALROSA will host the second annual True Colors auction of natural color diamonds in Hong Kong. It will take place on September 16-23, while buyers will have the opportunity to view the diamonds at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair on September 16-20.

The company plans to offer more than 200 polished diamonds of various shapes and colors with certificates of GIA, the most reliable diamond grading laboratory in the world. Besides this, every diamond will have other provenance guarantees, like the digital and video passports. All documents are available through a special online platform.

The first True Colors auction was conducted in 2018. It finished with a total sale of 210 diamonds. The bidding was very active, and most of the lots were sold for well above their starting price.

ALROSA expects to be the largest producer of fancy color diamonds by volume. All diamonds for the upcoming auction were manufactured by the company’s in-house cutting and polishing division “Diamonds of ALROSA”, which has a strategic focus on unique and fancy color diamonds.

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