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In this Q&A with DPA CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr, he discusses independent research that sheds light on the evolution and transformation of our industry over the past 15 years.

Why is the “Total Clarity” report needed to be disseminated into the market and why now?

Jean-Marc Lieberherr: Not only is DPA providing a window into the realities of the modern diamond mining sector, but this independent research sheds light on the evolution and transformation of our industry over the past 15 years. Since the creation of lab-grown diamonds, some misconceptions about diamond mining have been amplified. And DPA wants to ensure that consumers have access to the facts.

But this report is not just about telling the story of modern diamond mining, it will also provide a reference point for future progress, as DPA Members work individually and collectively to address some of the challenges and opportunities identified in the report.

How does clarifying issues around the industry’s workforce practices, environmental impact and socio-economic impact serve retailers and stakeholders in the diamond industry?

Jean-Marc Lieberherr: Total Clarity provides retailers with the research and information they need to respond to today’s consumer questions. Consumers and brands rightly expect the diamond industry to be held to the light and we need to respond to this expectation with increased and ongoing transparency on how we impact the communities and the environment in which we operate.

And from a consumer’s perspective, how does greater industry transparency play into their decision making in regard to making diamond and luxury product purchases? Why is this important?

Jean-Marc Lieberherr: Increasingly, consumers are purchasing goods and brands aligned with the causes and values they believe in. With Total Clarity, and its range of insights on how diamonds do good in the world, consumers can feel confident buying and wearing a natural diamond. Roughly 80% percent of the total benefit created by DPA members is retained by local communities through employment, local purchasing, sourcing of goods and social programs (healthcare, training, education, charities) etc. that impact millions worldwide, including in India and Africa.

How does this translate at the counter?  How can retailers communicate this important message to customers?  

Jean-Marc Lieberherr: We’ve developed a full suite of assets to help retailers convey key messages to their customers, including a social media toolkit, factsheets and a customizable by-line that retailers can edit and use for local media.  We also created a pocket brochure for in-store distribution – copies can be ordered here.

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