5 Things to Know About … Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

April 24, 2018
Learn more about the feldspar with magnetite inclusions in perfect parallel lines.

Color-Blocked Looks: Pairing Spring Shades with Gemstones

April 6, 2018
Now that it’s (supposedly) spring, Senior Editor Brecken Branstrator pairs the season’s palette, according to Pantone, with colored stones.

5 Things to Know About … Conch Pearls

February 20, 2018
Senior Editor Brecken Branstrator explores the characteristics of these rare, often pink pearls.

A Q&A with the New CEO of Signet Jewelers

January 29, 2018
Gina Drosos talks about the retailer’s image among women, digital marketing and why the company is “not there yet” when it comes to targeting women who buy jewelry for themselves.

6 Predictions for 2018

January 4, 2018
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff says innovation will rule while tired practices and retailers will fall by the wayside.

5 Things to Know About … Trapiche Gems

November 7, 2017
Here are a handful of interesting facts about the colored stones with a pattern usually resembling a wheel.

The Best Stones in Pomellato’s New Collection

October 5, 2017
The use of zoisite, rhodochrosite and chrysocolla in the brand’s 50th anniversary collection thrills Senior Editor Brecken Branstrator.

5 Things to Know About … American Gems

September 15, 2017
From the rise of Montana sapphires to a new cutting facility in New Jersey, here are some interesting facts about the domestic colored stone market.

Greenland Rubies: What We Know At This Point

September 12, 2017
A chat with Hayley Henning, of Greenland Ruby, about what the mining company’s discovered so far and what still needs to be done.

5 Things to Know About … Ammolite

March 1, 2017
Senior Editor Brecken Branstrator details 5 interesting facts about the gemstone that is cut from the fossilized shells of a prehistoric creature.

The Biggest Diamond in Washington

January 19, 2017
It weighs nearly 188 carats and it’s not on Melania Trump’s hand. Our Editor-in-Chief reports from the nation’s capital.

Tanzanite’s Story Gets the Publishing Treatment

November 29, 2016
Tanzanite: Born From Lightning tells the gem’s story, from discovery at Mount Kilimanjaro to the designer jewelry world.

5 Takeaways on the Lab-Grown Diamond Market

November 15, 2016
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff shares what she learned at the recent forum on lab-grown diamonds held in New York.

Why the GIA Grades Lab-Grown Diamonds Like It Does

October 20, 2016
The GIA’s Tom Moses explains the reasoning behind the more general color and clarity grades the lab assigns to synthetic stones.

5 Lessons Learned from a Polar Explorer

October 6, 2016
Eric Larsen is one of only about 50 people to ever make an unaided trek to the North Pole. Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff recounts what she learned from listening to him talk.

Putting the ‘pen’ to the test

July 17, 2012
A few weeks after news surfaced that hundreds of synthetic diamonds were submitted to the International Gemological Institute (IGI) in Antwerp without proper disclosure, a press release began circulating about a $199 lab-grown diamond detection device. The DiamaPen, a laser...

Diamond eyes are watching you...

April 12, 2012
Over the years, we’ve seen any number of unusual uses for, and products comprised of, precious gemstones and metals. Most recently in this blog, our fashion editor, Hannah Connorton, told us about an Italian company that has created karat-gold tattoos....

Yellow melee = caution

June 21, 2011
While in Carlsbad, Calif. for Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Symposium last month, the never-shy Martin Rapaport twice publicly named one specific high-end jeweler for selling what could be high-pressure, high-temperature-treated (HPHT) yellow melee in their stores. As a reporter,...

De Beers steering clear of lab-grown stones

December 8, 2010
Over the years, rumors have popped up from time to time about mining giant De Beers getting in the business of growing diamonds in a laboratory. The most recent round of rumors that I can recall--and please drop me a...

Take a picture, it'll last longer

June 5, 2009
Let me start off this blog post with my general impressions from the Couture and JCK shows in Las Vegas. As you might have read elsewhere, the shows were better than expected, although both were being measured against some pretty...
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