By Michelle Graff
Mumbai--India’s Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) said the two companies, Dalumi Diamonds and Narola Gems, named in its Nov. 6 release on undisclosed synthetics are not being accused of undisclosed mixing of lab-grown diamonds with natural but, rather, were victims.

In the Nov. 6 release, the GJEPC stated that the concerns about the undisclosed mixing of synthetics with mined diamonds have arisen from a “few instances of actual undisclosed mixing being detected, namely Dalumi Diamonds India Pvt. Ltd. and Narola Gems.”

In a letter to National Jeweler dated Dec. 11, the GJEPC clarifies that both companies are “sheer victims,” in these instances as they purchased diamonds they believed to be natural only to find they were lab-grown.

The GJEPC’s new Natural Diamond Monitoring Committee has advised the two companies to identify the source from which the parcels were received in order to track where in the supply chain the mixing occurred. The committee also is conducting an investigation into both instances.

Dalumi said that Dalumi India was dealing with a new supplier and, thus, sent the diamonds to a laboratory to be checked, only to find that they were all CVD synthetic diamonds. Dalumi informed the company from which it bought the diamonds, as it may also be a victim, and the Indian authorities: the GJEPC and the Bharat Diamond Bourse.

“We believe that all diamantaires around the world should maintain their customer’s confidence by taking all necessary measures to make sure their stock is free of undisclosed synthetic diamonds,” Dalumi said. “Dalumi has a zero tolerance to the mixing of synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds. Dalumi does not deal with synthetic diamonds at all.”

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