New York--Gemological Science International (GSI) is expanding its synthetic diamond testing services at several of its labs worldwide.

Synthetic testing for finished diamond jewelry is now available at GSI labs in New York, Hong Kong, India and Dubai. Clients do not have to have their stones graded in order to test for synthetics.

Synthetic testing of loose diamonds will continue to be available at all of GSI’s labs around the globe.

Debbie Azar, co-founder of GSI, commented, “At GSI, we put our customers’ needs first and foremost. We are therefore taking every step necessary to provide the most state-of-the-art services and offerings that allow all levels of our trade to guarantee the validity of their products.”

GSI was established in the 21st century, and delivers gemstone identification and grading, gemological research and education programs in diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

The organization is headquartered in New York, with nine labs around the world. For more information, visit

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