By Ashley Davis
The GIA’s Melee Analysis Service, first launched in 2016, now also will be offered in-house at Stuller’s headquarters.
Lafayette, La.—Stuller and the Gemological Institute of America are partnering up.

The supplier now will offer GIA’s melee analysis service on-site at its Lafayette, Louisiana, headquarters.

All melee processed at the facility will be screened independently by GIA staff, who will operate GIA’s analytical instrumentation in a secured space.

“GIA is the most trusted gemological authority in the industry,” Stuller Vice President of Diamonds and Gemstones Procurement Stanley Zale said. “Therefore there is no one better than GIA for Stuller to rely on to deliver on our commitment to correctly represent the product we are selling.”

He added, “This commitment includes adherence to GIA grading standards, as well as giving our customers the highest possible level of assurance that we are accurately describing all diamonds being sold.”

GIA launched its melee analysis service in December 2016. It separates natural, untreated diamonds from simulants, synthetics and HPHT-treated diamonds and also sorts the natural, untreated diamonds by color.

The technology currently is able to screen round stones, D to Z in color and ranging from 0.9 mm to 4.0 mm.

GIA Executive Vice President of Laboratory and Research Thomas M. Moses said, “Locating our service within Stuller’s premises allows GIA to rapidly and efficiently analyze a higher volume of melee diamonds, helping to protect the consumer and ensure their confidence in the most prevalent stones in the market.”

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