This is the cover photo of GIA’s quarterly journal, Gems & Gemology, Winter 2018 issue. It’s the 18.96-carat Winston Pink Legacy, the fancy vivid pink emerald-cut diamond that sold for more than $50 million at Christie’s in 2018.
Carlsbad, Calif.—The Gemological Institute of America’s winter 2018 edition of Gems & Gemology covers a variety of gemstone-related topics, but with a particular emphasis on natural colored diamonds.

The leading article, “Natural-Color Pink, Purple, Red and Brown Diamonds: Band of Many Colors,” delves into the current science available on the stones, with information backed by the more than 90,000 pink to red diamonds GIA has analyzed.

It features information gleaned from researchers Sally Eaton-Magaña, Troy Ardon, Karen Smit, Christopher Breeding and James Shigley.

Another of the quarterly journal’s features is “The History and Reconstruction of the Amber Room,” a piece on the remaking of an 18th-century Russian “cultural treasure” by GIA Senior Industry Analyst Russell Shor.

“The Color Origin of Gem Diaspore: Correlation to Corundum” is exploration, as is the creation of the spinel rim in the article, “Corundum with Spinel Corona from the Tan Huong-Truc Lau Area in Northern Vietnam.”

The issue also delves into a study on the internal structure and identification of Pipi pearls in “The Gemological Characteristics of Pipi Pearls Reportedly from Pinctada maculate,” by Nanthaporn Nilpetploy, Kwanreun Lawanwong and Promlikit Kessrapong.

Lastly, Nathan Renfro, John Koivula, Jonathan Muyal, Shane McClure, Kevin Schumacher and Shigley created a brief article with a fold-out wall chart outlining diamond inclusions in natural, treated and lab-grown stones.

The G&G Winter 2018 issue is available for free on the GIA website, along with every issue of the publication since 1934, and in print by subscription or for single-issue purchase in the GIA store.

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