Only My Diamond is an interactive, consumer-relevant method of bringing a diamond grading report to life. AGS Laboratories has announced improvements and expansions to its tool.
Las Vegas—AGS Laboratories is ready to bring its interactive diamond grading reports to a whole new audience.

“Only My Diamond” was designed to bring the 4Cs to life for consumers, delivering them extensive information about a diamond via a virtual tool that includes the “Diamond Quality Document” PDF outlining the stone’s characteristics, videos, American Gem Society proprietary ASET images, and maps precisely illustrating the stone’s facets.

It also includes renderings showcasing the diamond’s clarity plots, a light-performance graph, images of the stone’s microscopic laser inscription and it outlines the definitions of the 4Cs.

Now, AGS Labs has rolled out a Chinese version, with all copy translated. The Chinese version of the platform also allows for sharing via social media apps popular with that audience: Weibo, WeChat and QQ.

AGS Laboratories Executive Director Jason Quick said in a statement: “We are excited to deliver OMD to the Chinese market, and look forward to future developments.

“This interactive and consumer-friendly platform allows our clients to deliver their own brand messaging and content including videos in conjunction with information from AGS Laboratories on the diamond’s attributes. It is important to have virtual diamond viewing tools for our retailers to showcase diamonds to their customers.”

AGS Labs also noted improvements made to Only My Diamond overall, such as the ability to integrate with other websites, faster performance and the ability for third-party trading platforms and inventory management systems to access content.  

Justin Moore, director of technology at AGS Laboratories, explained: “The primary objective of the upgrades is to create solutions that meet the changing needs of today’s retailers and consumers.

“We have responded to client demand for a tailored solution that allows retailers to demonstrate the performance of a diamond in a virtual platform with the power of the AGS Laboratories light performance and grading details.”

AGS Labs said it will continue to roll out improvements through next year. To demo the program, visit the AGS website.

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