Houston--Manufacturer and diamond wholesaler A.V. Diamonds announced that it now has a partnership with HVK International Private Ltd., a sightholder with both De Beers and Russian diamond miner Alrosa.

A.V. Diamonds said that by partnering with HVK International--a “major milestone” in its 15-year history--it has quadrupled its ability to source and produce diamonds, with five factories worldwide, in India, China, Bangkok and Dubai.

It also allows the company to offer quality at “remarkable” price points, as jewelers now can avoid the middle man and get closer to the source when they buy from A.V. Diamonds, thereby maximizing their profits, the company said.

“Our continued goal is to double the size of our company, building irreplaceable relationships one customer at a time on the pillars of our company: service, quality and integrity,” said President Vinay
Kotak. Kotak runs the company alongside CEO Alex Malik.

Based in Houston, A.V. Diamonds was founded in 1998. It is a manufacturer and supplier to retailers in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, the Caribbean and Canada. Its customers include independent jewelers, as well as multimedia retailers, catalog companies, and other wholesalers.

The main focus of the company, which bills itself as “The Ultimate Bridal Source,” is bridal jewelry, and its collections are Eternal Bliss, Charisma and Shiro Certified.

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