By Michelle Graff
At left, Bonds of Union flew a 10-carat diamond into the sky in a mini-helicopter to celebrate the launch of a new line earlier this month. Pictured at right is one of the pieces in the new “Diamonds” collection, priced at £2,600 ($4,173).
 London--To celebrate the launch of its new “Diamonds” collection, which features a patented way of positioning a diamond to better illuminate it, London’s Bonds of Union flew an exceptional stone over Holland Park in west London.

Founder Denis Bellessort wanted to really show off the brilliance of one of the company’s 10-carat diamonds so they launched it a few hundred meters (more than 900 feet) into the London sky. The stone was attached to a hexacopter, a six-bladed mini-helicopter, and lit up to show its unique brilliance, the company said.

“The idea with the flying of a diamond was first for me a child dream while gazing at the stars and reminded with stories like The Little Prince and songs like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” Bellessort told The Daily Mail.

The new Diamonds line is part of Bonds of Union’s “The Brilliance of Diamonds” research project, in which the company was investigating different techniques of utilizing the visual properties of fluorescent diamonds.

After five years of research, Bonds of Union developed a patented technique of setting and positioning fluorescent and non-fluorescent diamonds to give them better illumination and sparkle. This new technique also allows Bond of Union to showcase the rare deep blue luminosity of their diamonds, and is shown across the new Diamonds collection.

Every piece in the collection is set with the highest quality of diamonds chosen for the beauty they provide and features a light to illuminate the diamonds as blue and to serve as an “intimate reminder for the eternity of love,” Bonds of Union said.

Each piece in the collection is 18-karat yellow or white gold. The pieces are numbered and limited to 80 and are available to the company’s retailers now.

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