Moscow--Alrosa recovered a 102.85-carat diamond from its Yubileynaya (Jubilee) kimberlite pipe, the Russian diamond miner announced earlier this month.

This picture provided by Alrosa shows the 102.85-carat diamond extracted last month at Jubilee kimberlite pipe processing plant No. 14.The company’s Aikhal Mining and Processing Division extracted the stone in September at one of the processing plants used to sort materials from Jubilee. 

Alrosa said the rough has an octahedral shape and is transparent with a moderate yellowish hue and small olivine, graphite and sulphide inclusions. It is expected to sell for more than $480,000 at auction. 

The Jubilee pipe has yielded a total of six diamonds weighing between 50 to 120 carats so far this year. In late 2013, a 235.16-diamond was found there.


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