The Cullinan mine in South Africa yielded this 138.57-carat rough diamond.
The Cullinan mine in South Africa yielded this 138.57-carat rough diamond.

Cullinan, South Africa--Petra Diamonds Limited has announced the recovery of a 138.57-carat gem-quality rough diamond this week from the company’s Cullinan mine.

The stone is a Type IIa, D color diamond. It will be offered for sale later this month in Johannesburg during Petra’s next sales process.

Cullinan, billed as the world’s most famous diamond mine, yielded the largest rough diamond ever found in 1905 and is a frequent source of large diamond finds. According to Petra, it has yielded over 800 stones weighing more than 100 carats, 140 stones weighing over 200 carats and a quarter of all diamonds weighing more than 400 carats.

Cullinan is also a source of large, gem-quality blue diamonds, which have dominated jewelry auctions over the past year. Cullinan yielded both the Blue Moon of Josephine, which sold for $48.5 million at Sotheby’s in November 2015, and the Cullinan Dream, which sold for $25.4 million at Christie’s last June.

Petra’s Cullinan stone is the latest of a recent string of large white diamond finds. Alrosa uncovered a 214-carat rough diamond last month and Petra found a 121-carat diamond, also at the Cullinan mine, in June.

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