The Cultured Pearl Association of America has launched a new digital marketing campaign behind its online course to encourage education and awareness of the category.
New York--The Cultured Pearl Association of America has launched a digital marketing campaign to help drive interest in pearl education and consumer demand.

The $250,000 campaign, funded by the Tahitian Pearl Association of French Polynesia, will promote the organization’s online pearl education course,

Jeremy Shepherd, CPAA treasurer and founder of and, created the CPAA’s Pearl Specialist Certification Course in 2016 in partnership with some of the world’s largest pearl producers, including the Tahitian Pearl Association of French Polynesia, Jewelmer, the Japan Pearl Exporters’ Association and Atlas Pearls.

The course brings together expertise from pearl farmers, retailers, processors, wholesalers and importers.

It is divided into 10 modules and covers topics like the history of the pearl industry, pearl valuation and current production methods.

“Most industry education focuses on diamonds and colored gemstones, and we discovered that many jewelry experts don’t have a deep understanding of pearls and how to appraise them,” Shepherd said about its creation.

The CPAA said to date, more than 20,000 people have taken the English-language course (it’s also available in six other languages).

Now, its marketing initiatives will focus heavily on social media to drive interest in the course as well as demand for pearls.

“Pearls have the most inspiring story in all of jewelry, and the monies made available by the TPAFP are being strategically spent to create knowledgeable collectors and fans all over the world,” said CPAA Executive Director Jennifer Heebner.

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