Toronto, Ontario--Fura Gems has started its drilling program at the Coscuez emerald mine in Boyacá, Colombia.

The first phase is expected to complete a total of 2,500 meters (about 8,200 feet) of drilling and be finished by the end of 2018.

The program commenced on May 28 in the La Paz tunnel, a site which has been actively mined for more than 25 years with 10 levels of development.

Fura said that no drilling to date has been recorded at Coscuez, making this underground drilling project a first at the site.

After geological mapping and tachometric survey of the tunnels, it will drill from levels -88, -110 and -120 to evaluate the continuity of the mineralization since there is no information below the -120 level.

The drilling program will provide the company with information about the site to help them establish new targets for emerald mineralization, and the data collection will also help them construct a 3-D model of the deposit to establish better controls on grade, it said.
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“This drill program is an important part of the aggressive growth strategy for the Coscuez emerald mine and will help to establish our maiden mineral resource and provide better controls on grade as we move toward production,” Fura CEO Dev Shetty said.

“I am confident that every activity that we undertake in advancing the project to full production will generate value for the company and its shareholders, as well as for the emerald sector in Colombia.”

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