These photos show a rough diamond that contains crowningshieldite, the new mineral named in honor of gemologist G. Robert Crowningshield. GIA announced the discovery at its sixth Symposium, held last week in Carlsbad. (Photo credits: Evan M. Smith, left image, and Fabrizio Nestola, right image)
New York—Here are five jewelry news stories from the week of Oct. 8 that are worth reading.

1. There’s a New Mineral and It’s Called Crowningshieldite
A researcher announced the discovery of the nickel sulfide mineral at GIA Symposium, held last week in Carlsbad, California.

2. JA to Launch Consumer-Facing Jewelry Campaign in 2019
Jewelers of America is raising funds to launch a test of the digital ad campaign early in the year, followed by a national rollout.9

3. Alrosa Unearths a Nearly 29-Carat Yellow Diamond
It came from the Ebelyakh alluvial deposit, and is the biggest yellow found by the mining company so far this year.

4. Saks Files $55M Countersuit in Cartier Case
The department store hit back at the luxury jewelry brand in the conflict stemming from the former’s New York City flagship renovation.

5. Pandora Debuts First New Charm Bracelet in 5 Years
The launch of the Reflexions concept, featuring mesh-style bracelets with clip-on charms, comes amid struggling sales for the Danish company.

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