This 118-carat diamond is the largest gem-quality stone mined from Alrosa’s “International” pipe in the last two years.
Moscow—Alrosa has discovered a rough diamond weighing 118.91 carats, the Russian miner announced Tuesday.

It’s the largest gem-quality diamond found at Alrosa’s “International” mine in the last two years; a 109.61-carat diamond was uncovered in the summer of 2017.

“This crystal is unique as it has a large clean area despite the inclusions in the center—this makes it a gem-quality diamond,” said Evgeny Agureev, a member of the management board and director of the United Selling Organization, the arm of Alrosa tasked with the sorting, valuation, and sales of diamonds.

Diamonds from the International kimberlite pipe are known for their “regular shapes and purity,” Agureev said.

The diamond was recovered just ahead of the launch of another Alrosa mine, “Zarya,” a diamond deposit located within the Aikhal mining and processing division in Siberia.

The Zarya pipe is expected to produce a maximum of 1.25 million tons of ore per year with a lifespan of 11 years.

The company is considered naming the 118.91-carat diamond recovered at International “Zarya” to commemorate the launch of the new mine.

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