By Lenore Fedow
Royal Asscher celebrates its 165th anniversary this year. The Amsterdam-based diamond company is run by Lita Asscher (left), her brother Mike Asscher (far right) and their father, Edward Asscher.
Amsterdam—Royal Asscher is celebrating its 165th anniversary with the launch of a new website and the introduction of a pair of new diamond cuts.

The revamped site features an extensive section on the company’s history, from its founding in 1854 up until present day, with the sixth generation of jewelers running the company.

It provides historical and personal insight into the cutting of the 3,106-carat Cullinan, the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found, including the story of how Joseph Asscher convinced King Edward VII to let him cut and polish the magnificent find.

“The goal of the site was to create a beautiful, experiential online universe for visitors to immerse themselves in our brand and fall in love with the essence of who we are, what we do and the passions and inspiration that drive us every day,” Lita Asscher, the current president of Royal Asscher of America, said in a statement.

On the site, there is a section dedicated to each of Royal Asscher’s four collections: Love and Engagement, Stars, DNA, and High Jewelry.

20190703 Royal Asscher new websiteRoyal Asscher’s new website features sections on each of the brand’s four collections as well as a timeline of its 165-year history.

It also showcases the company’s two new, patented cuts, the Royal Asscher Oval Cut and the Royal Asscher Cushion Cut, created by father-and-son team Edward and Mike Asscher.

The Royal Asscher Oval Cut is described as a “perfectly glamorous oval with a modern aesthetic.”

The designers added facets to a traditional round brilliant to create the Royal Asscher Round Brilliant Cut, described as a “crisp, clear, and different diamond.”

The website launch will be supported by a social media plan with the goal of boosting the brand’s visibility across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and Google Adwords campaigns will be used to drive traffic to the site.

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