By Michelle Graff
Alrosa has promoted Dmitry Amelkin, the head of Alrosa’s strategic projects and analytics center since 2017, as the transformation director of its polishing division.
Moscow—Alrosa has promoted from within to oversee the overhaul of its polishing division.

The diamond company announced last week that Dmitry Amelkin, the head of Alrosa’s strategic projects and analytics center since 2017, is the division’s new transformation director.

Alrosa’s board approved a two-year transformation plan for its polishing division at the end of 2019.

The division consists of two branches of Diamonds of Alrosa—one in Moscow and another in Barnaul, a city in Siberia—and the Kristall polishing facility, which Alrosa acquired last year.

The Moscow branch of Diamond of Alrosa polishes large and unique diamonds while the Barnaul factory does smaller stones, from a half-carat to about 2 carats.

Kristall was founded in 1963 in the city of Smolensk and has the capacity to polish more than 200,000 carats of rough diamonds per year.

The two-year transformation plan calls for the division to optimize production, increase efficiency and cut costs by creating a consolidated office for the sale of polished diamond staffed by Kristall’s sales representatives.

As transformation director, Amelkin will oversee implementation of the plan and the integration of Kristall into Alrosa while retaining his current role as head of the company’s strategic projects and analytics center.

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