The 37.30-carat “Raj Pink” diamond has been described as “a very bright and ravishing fancy intense pink color” by the Gemological Institute of America.
Geneva--Sotheby’s is getting ready to offer what it says is the largest fancy intense pink diamond in the world.

Next month, the auction house will put the 37.30-carat “Raj Pink” up on the block. It will lead the Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva on Nov. 15.

The diamond’s current owner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, gave the stone its name, which is based on the Sanksrit word for “king.”

The Raj Pink is estimated to sell for between $20 million and $30 million, but could go for much more than that, if past results are any indication.

The Graff Pink, for example, which holds the current record price for a fancy intense pink diamond, sold for $46.2 million, or $1.86 million per carat, in November 2010. That stone was only 24.78 carats.

The rough from which the Raj Pink came was studied for more than a year after its discovery in 2015, the auction house said, before a master cutter turned it into a cushion-modified brilliant cut.

The Gemological Institute of America has examined the diamond, and described it as an “astonishing stone” with a hue that is a “very bright and ravishing fancy intense pink color.”

“For a diamond to display strong, unmodified pink color like that observed in the Raj Pink is rare, particularly at so considerable a weight,” the GIA said.

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