By Michelle Graff
The value of the diamonds on the model pictured in the original Hair&Jewel advertisement, left, was $1 million, while the updated version totals half a billion dollars.London--As Laurence Graff celebrates six decades in the jewelry industry and the opening of his 40th store worldwide, his eponymous company is both paying homage to its past and embracing the future.

After being notably absent from the space, Graff Diamonds adopted social media this year and is now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a company spokesperson said.

In addition, Graff Diamonds recently reached back into its past to reimagine “Hair & Jewel,” an advertisement created in 1970 to raise the profile of Laurence Graff globally.

The original Hair piece featured a model with an ornate updo woven with $1 million worth of gemstones, which would translate to a hairstyle worth about $6 million today.

Graff said when the original Hair & Jewel ad was created in 1970, it was a highly original concept.

Images depicting fine jewelry at that time typically were modeled in more conservative fashion. The use of a younger model also was different and introduced the idea of diamonds as an aspirational purchase for this demographic, not just something that they wait for men to buy for them.

1For the 2013 version of Hair & Jewel, in perhaps what is a fitting escalation considering the growth of the company over the past 43 years, Graff Diamonds dialed up the bling, outfitting model Dalia Gunther with “22 extremely rare and unique” jewels worth $500 million.

A number of significant diamonds purchased, cut and polished by Graff made their way into the updated version of the ad.

The “Graff Sweethearts,” a pair of heart-shaped D color flawless type IIa diamond earrings weighing 51.53 and 50.76 carats, and a number of diamonds cut from the 550-carat rough Letšeng Star, are included in the recreation.

Also part of the updated Hair & Jewel ad is a 10.47-carat internally flawless fancy vivid blue briolette pendant, a 52.73-carat fancy vivid yellow emerald-cut ring and a 6.51-carat internally flawless fancy intense pink oval-shaped diamond ring.

“Hair & Jewel is a celebration of our expertise and success, as we continue to operate at the very pinnacle of the industry,” Graff said. “I am extremely proud of what Graff Diamonds has achieved, but as I always say, we are just beginning, there is still a long way to go.”

David Slijper photographed the updated version of Hair & Jewel, which was modeled by Gunther with hair styling by Eamonn Hughes.

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