By Hannah Connorton
Colored diamond pavé set in platinum engagement rings will be a trend for 2014. These platinum “Eriskay” engagement rings by MaeVona feature natural pink and yellow diamond pavé (from $4,895, not including center stone).
New York--Color, customization and two-tone metals will be the big looks in 2014 when it comes to bridal jewelry in platinum, a commonly requested and popular metal for bridal.

“Platinum is always the staple,” says Helena Krodel, vice president of communications at Luxe Intelligence. “Even though people dabble in gold, platinum is the lead. It’s the ‘gold standard,’ ironically.”

She says the metal will continue to be popular this year. “(Platinum) will be the most sought after metal; people aspire to it,” she says.

Still, gold will work its way into the mix, as well as colored and black diamonds and intricate details. Six platinum bridal trends for the year are as follows.

Two-tone or multiple metals. “Consumers are wearing yellow and rose gold more frequently and are mixing metals, so in regards to engagement rings, platinum may be mixed will yellow gold, or platinum with rose gold for a more modern look,” Krodel says.

Customization. Engagement ring customization will be important in 2014, Krodel says. The Millennial generation is of prime wedding age, and consumers in this age group place emphasis on “me” and personalization.

“More and more jewelers are doing start-to-finish custom engagement rings or offering a few different styles and changing details to make it the customer’s own,” she says. “It creates more work for the retailer but also really speaks to the way customers are shopping now. They don’t want the cookie-cutter ring anymore.”

Color stays strong. “Consumers are adding color to their engagement rings, whether with the center stone, side stones or pavé,” Krodel says.

Black diamonds will also begin to merge into the bridal category, a reflection of what’s happening in the fashion market.

“Black diamonds are so readily accepted, it’s one of the hottest things the fine jewelry industry has seen in the past couple of years,” she says.

Antique settings. Art Deco styles have been trending for the past few years, but the 2013 film version of The Great Gatsby created a lot of excitement and fueled even more desire for this look, Krodel says.

“The 20s style with milgrain and intricate details provides a special feeling (for the wearer), and this trend is going to continue going forward,” she says.

Halos and eternity bands. “Halo is not new, but it’s still a trend and a very important staple and it’s certainly not going away,” Krodel says.

In addition, non-traditional brides are opting for eternity rings as engagement rings.

“This is for someone who is not afraid to take a risk or doesn’t want that iconic engagement ring with a solitaire diamond. It’s for a very urban kind of person who maybe wants to stack wedding bands later on, or even for someone who is more casual,” Krodel says.

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Smaller, multiple diamonds with colored gemstones. Also chiming in on trends in 2014 is Tim Jackson, economist and chief executive of the Jewelry Industry Research Institute, who said engagement ring trends in 2014 will include a move toward smaller, multiple diamonds mixed with colored gemstones in lieu of the traditional solitaire.

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