These rings from Dissel’s Jellyfish collection feature tourmalines set in 18-karat rose gold.Las Vegas--Designer Natalie Dissel made her Couture debut this year, showcasing her gemstone-centric collections set in 14- and 18-karat gold with diamonds.

Original to Dissel’s designs is her use of the mineral dioptase, used in the appropriately named Dioptase collection. Those stones, along with the cavansite and pyromorphite minerals used in the line, all were sourced from Kazakhstan, Namibia and Congo.

“I fell in love with the gorgeous, vivid emerald-green color interspersed with the occasional hint of blue,” she says of dioptase, adding that “there is a strong belief that dioptase possesses mystical powers … This stone has been called a heart healer.”

Then there’s the amethyst, quartz and citrine jewelry in the Rough Rocks collection, which Dissel describes as “Gems in their raw beauty, untouched by man and loved for their originality ... No jewelry piece is the same.”

The designer got her start while exploring the Inca trails in Peru, where she began collecting shells, bones and gems and strung them together to create long necklaces. She now is based in Bali, where she works with local artisans and continuously supports charity projects.

Dissel says her design philosophy is to travel, absorb and create, and she creates her pieces to highlight the natural qualities of the gemstones she uses, with wearability in mind.

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