Pantone has predicted Meadowlark, a bright yellow color, to be a top hue in spring 2018.
Carlstadt, N.J.--Pantone, the color and trend forecasting firm, has released its predictions of shades that will top fashion and design in spring 2018.

With the addition of four core, classic shades to its set of 12 fashion-forward colors, there’s truly something for everyone.

Among the palette of the 12 trend-driven shades, Meadowlark, a bold yellow color, is the hue Pantone said will be the most prominent of the season. It’s a joyful color, representative of an optimistic outlook on life.

It’s joined by an equally bold Cherry Tomato, an orangey-red with a visual pop, as well as Little Boy Blue, a classic sky blue that, despite its name, Pantone said is appropriate for all genders, and indicative of the gender-neutral mood influencing culture and design.

Chili Oil is a rich reddish-brown that grounds the spring palette. Pink Lavender and Blooming Dahlia, meanwhile, are pink hues, the first a light, pastel purple and the second a beige-y blush.

Arcadia is a cool green shade bordering on teal, that Pantone calls retro yet modern. Its opposite on the color wheel is Ultra Violet, a deep saturated purple.

Another deep, rich brown shade found in the palette is the chocolate-like Emperador, the color of a medium-roast coffee bean with red undertones, much like Chili Oil but deeper in color.

Continuing the emphasis on pinks and purples, Almost Mauve is the lightest color for spring, a rich cream color with subtle purple hints. Spring Crocus is a bold medium-intensity purple shade, with an energetic fuchsia base. It contrasts starkly against Lime Punch, a bright greenish yellow that, like its name, brings to mind citrus fruit.

Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman commented on the forward-feeling boldness of the spring colors, which, released ahead of New York Fashion Week, are meant for both women and men.

She said: “The color palette showcases an appreciation for the complexity and distinctiveness of color and the expression of it, which is something that evolves and can be played with. Consumers need more variety, and this … palette embraces the lack of gender and seasonal borders we are seeing within the fashion industry.”

For the first time, Pantone also released a “classic color palette,” a group of four neutral shades also meant to dominate the season, providing a wearable counterpart to the vibrant group of 12 colors mentioned above.

This group includes Sailor Blue, a navy shade, Harbor Mist, a light gray, Warm Sand, a beige, and Coconut Milk, a creamy off-white.

“We want to reflect consumers’ increased desire for color, and felt that if we included these core basics into our top color callouts, we would be forced to limit the number of colors we thought deserved special attention,” said Eiseman. “At the same time, the core classic shades play a critical role in any wardrobe, and we also want to highlight the nuance of these classic colors for the spring 2018 season.”

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