By Ashley Davis
Ylang 23’s new “7 Archetypes” ring collaboration with designer Kim Dunham embodies different female roles through classic symbols. Here, two of the archetypes, “The Mother” and “The Sage,” are shown. Each ring is double-sided with an engraved message on the back.
Dallas--Ylang 23 is putting its stamp, literally, on a series of signet rings.

The Texas fine jeweler has partnered with designer Kim Dunham on a capsule collection of seven rings, available exclusively at Ylang 23.

Dunham has worked in the jewelry industry for more than two decades in a multitude of roles, from bench jeweler and designer to positions in sales and production management.

Now she works as a private jeweler, primarily designing one-off pieces for her clientele.

Dunham’s specialty are signet rings hand-engraved with her own designs, inspired by her customers’ life stories.

The creation process includes lengthy conversations about a client’s personal life events, memories, fears, strengths and spirituality.

“We keep digging until we find the very deepest representation of themselves,” Dunham said.

On the inside of the rings she engraves mantras, dates and prayers, tailored to the wearer.

“I love the journey I get to take with my clients through the design process,” she said, “and I’m honored that they trust me with their individual stories.”

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Dunham’s rings have quietly garnered the attention of Goop—the “lifestyle brand” launched by actress Gwyneth Paltrow—jewelry editors and, now, Ylang 23.

“Our customers love wearable jewelry with meaning, beautifully designed pieces that fit seamlessly into their growing collection,” explained Ylang 23 Vice President of Business Development Alysa Teichman. “The moment I laid eyes on [Dunham’s] pieces, I knew that I wanted some exclusive pieces for Ylang 23.”

Teichman and Dunham connected via Instagram, then met in person at New York City’s Bowery Hotel to hash out the designs to fit Ylang 23’s clients.

Together, they decided to use classic heraldry imagery to embody seven female archetypes: The Warrior, The Queen, The Mother, The Maiden, The Sage, The Mystic and The Lover.

“Seven Archetypes is all about strong women,” said Teichman. “So many of our customers—both Ylang 23’s and Kim Dunham’s—are women who shop for themselves, which Kim and I both love.”

On the signet’s reverse, each ring carries a message engraved in French.

The rings in the “7 Archetypes” capsule collection are 14-karat yellow gold and retail for $3,300 to $3,850.

“We seldom see such deep, beautiful engraving, and we know that our clients will have an appreciation for the work and thought that goes into each Kim Dunham ring,” Teichman said.  

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