By Brecken Branstrator
A shot from Royal Chain’s new campaign launched to highlight the resurgence of gold jewelry and styled as an ode to the ‘80s and ‘90s.
New York—Yellow gold jewelry is back in a big way and Royal Chain is going all in on it.

The supplier has launched a new ad campaign for 2019, centered around the increasingly popular metal.  

In an aim to align itself with trends in fashion, Royal Chain’s marketing campaign has swapped the traditional jewelry advertising shots of models in fine clothing with perfect hair and makeup for what it has called “relatable real-life streetwear.”

With a nod to ‘80s and ‘90s fashion, it’s styled with cropped shirts, jumpsuits, jogger pants and leather jackets, along with gold, and a lot of it.  

Royal Chain Vice President of Marketing Phillip Gabriel Maroof said the campaign’s direction came in response to current styles as well as an editorial shift toward more yellow gold jewelry.

“The way gold jewelry is being marketed today is a big departure from the past. 2018 witnessed the resurgence of fashion brands like Versace and Moschino with all of their gold hardware presented in a casual-luxury way, so the new ad campaign is a breath of fresh air, especially for an industry that has traditionally played it very safe in advertising,” he said.

Providing a more modern touch to the campaign is its new tagline—“G2G”—meant to reflect how the characters in the ad would communicate. The abbreviation typically is used in texting speak to mean “got to go,” but for its new campaign, Royal Chain has changed the meaning to “got to gold.”

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The campaign will run in print and digital trade press throughout the year. Royal Chain also has high-resolution images, videos and social media shots available for retail partners.

The jewelry supplier said it has seen double-digit growth in demand for gold, especially coming from what Maroof refers to as a “brand new consumer in gold”—a generation of shoppers that have never owned a piece of gold jewelry.

Coinciding with the launch of the ad campaign and in response to consumer demand, Royal Chain also is releasing a new gold jewelry collection.

It will come out this summer and be comprised of a wide range of 14-karat gold products, from heavier statement pieces to more lightweight fashion pieces, running from about $500 to $9,000 at retail. 

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