A personalized charm necklace from Zoe Chicco. Customers can now build their own charm necklaces and bracelets on the designer’s website.
Los Angeles—Zoe Chicco has long been a purveyor of charms and sentimental jewelry, and now she’s taking the concept of personalized trinkets to another level just in time for Mother’s Day.

This month, the Los Angeles-based designer, who manufacturers her array of easy-to-wear, everyday jewels entirely at her in-house facility downtown, launched an online charm builder.

“With hundreds of charms to choose from, it made sense to create a charm builder feature to offer an interactive, bespoke experience that allows our clients to visualize the end result,” explained Chicco of her inspiration for creating the design-it-yourself element.

The online tool allows customers an interactive voice in the assembly of their own necklace.

They begin by selecting a chain and, from there, add various charm options, including engraved discs, birthstones and a variety of symbols, resulting in jewelry that’s uniquely them.

20190425 ZoeChicco insertZoe Chicco charm necklaces allow customers to mix and match charms from five categories: discs, symbols, words, letters and gemstones.
“I love that each charm can be interpreted in different ways and mark significant milestones in life,” she said. “The beauty of it is that as those important moments happen, you are able to continue to build and add to your story.”

The mom to a 4-year-old son, Truman, Chicco finds herself loving the personalized aspect of charm necklaces the more her family grows.

“The first charm I wore was a shield with a pave diamond ‘T’ on it for my husband’s name,” she said. “When our son was born, I added our large dog tag with his name, birthdate and the coordinates of where he was born.

“I’ve worn those every day since he was born; you can even see his teeth marks in it from when he chewed on it as a baby.”

Each charm and chain is made in 14-karat gold, with some featuring diamonds or gemstones.

Charms retail between $65-$700, depending on the size and stones.

Prior to launching the online charm builder, Chicco began hosting an array of build-your-own-charm-necklace events, starting around last Mother’s Day with an event at Southern California fashion and jewelry retailer Elyse Walker, allowing customers to design a piece on-site and walk away with it.

“I recall one of my favorite sales that day,” she said of the first event, “a mother came in and didn’t buy a necklace for herself for Mother’s day but bought three personalized charm necklaces—one for each of her daughters to celebrate them for Mother’s Day. It was the sweetest thing.”

Chicco still hosts the events at her retailers, now complete with on-site engraving.

Her next events, in honor of Mother’s Day, will take place again at Elyse Walker, as well as at London Jewelers.

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