By Ashley Davis
Ayva Jewelry aims to underline the similarities of the female experience, despite differences in age, ethnicity or background.
Las Vegas—Ayva Jewelry designer Priyanka Kedia created her “Nova” collection to inspire and uplift women, and now a new campaign celebrates them.

Unveiled at the Luxury jewelry trade show at JCK Las Vegas, and set to roll out across Ayva Jewelry social media and digital channels later this month, Kedia chose five women of different ages and ethnicities to front the new ads.

20190619 ayvajewelry wraptextrightWomen featured in the new Ayva Jewelry campaign wear pieces from the Nova collection.Kedia said that her selection of models—which includes mothers, models, business owners, a nurse and a student, all from various walks of life—is meant to represent the diverse array of women she interviewed when creating the Nova collection.

Learning about the women’s similar life struggles and aspirations inspired Kedia to create the line of acrostic jewels, which use different gemstones to spell out words such as “calm,” “boss” and “grow,” to be worn as daily talismans.

She even designed an online quiz, in which customers can discover which word best suits their goals and can be used as a mantra.

“The campaign for the Nova collection was created to bring my interviews to life,” Kedia said. “During the exploratory stages (of creating the collection) I talked to hundreds of women, and they talked about needing a sounding board, support system or something to help uplift them when they were feeling down.”

Kedia said her goal with the campaign is to show “that no matter how different we all are, we struggle with similar issues, but if we stand together we can resolve them just as easily.”

20190228 ayva4growGreen tourmaline, rhodolite, orange sapphire and white topaz spell “grow” in this pendant from the Nova collection.

Each of the featured models will also star in blog posts delving into their personal stories on in the coming months.

Ultimately, her collection is aimed at “creating a community of powerful women who not only want to be the best versions of themselves but also want to help uplift others while getting there. The pieces from the new collection act as their daily reminder to go crush their goals.”

The Nova collection campaign will also appear in consumer mailings and some local print publications later in the year.

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